Improving Working Memory: Supporting Students Learning  Ref: IMPWKMEM
Your working memory is the information your brain stores for a short period of time, it is your brain's post-it note if you like, and how much information you can remember has a huge influence on how well you do at school, and beyond. By developing and improving a child's working memory, you will see improvements in their achievements at school, and in their concentration. Better working memory can be particularly useful to children with conditions where poor working memory is thought to be an underlying factor. Such conditions include: dyslexia; dyscalculia; speech and language difficulties; developmental coordination disorders (motor dyspraxia); ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder); and, autistic spectrum disorders. This book explains how to spot problems early, and how to work with children to improve their working memory, therefore increasing their chances of success in the classroom. It is packed full of practical strategies to use with students, but it also explains the theory behind these activities.