CAP It All!CAP It All!  Ref: FC/CAP
Concern Assess Provide - CAP It All! is another of our practical, ‘no frills’ resources for busy SENCOs, Learning Support Coordinators and Inclusion Managers.

The book is designed to aid the process of identification and assessment of pupils who have been referred by class teachers because of their lack of progress in the classroom.
Early and Earliest - It is not always necessary, and certainly not always possible, to refer a pupil on to another professional for diagnosis and advice. Starting the process of evidence gathering early can be very effective, and may even produce the desired improvement as time and thinking is devoted to the pupil.

The CAP It All! resources promote a problem solving approach to helping pupils causing concern. The process encourages a collaborative approach as colleagues to work better understand individual learning needs. Early and earliest identification can save time, resources and help to lower stress levels all round!


Introduction p4
Section 1: There is a concern - p6
Section 2: Formal Assessment - p19
Section 3: Informal Assessment - p26
Section 4: Literacy Skills - p34
Section 5: Mathematics Checklists - p61
Section 6: Monitoring Behaviour - p76
Section 7: Pupil Self-assessment - p82
Section 8: Adaptations and Modifications Checklist - p88
Section 9: Useful Addresses - p94