Working with DyscalculiaWorking with Dyscalculia  Ref: AH/3
by Anne Henderson, Fil Came and Mel Brough

"This book is a welcome resource for teachers of pupils with Dyscalculia, a condition which is believed to affect about 3-6% of the population to some degree".

"The types of difficulties which Dyscalculic pupils may experience with the language of maths, and the emotional factors that can be associated with the fear of maths are discussed".

"In additon to the wealth of photocopiable resources, the book also contains sections on training resources with excellent OHP templates and a section on further reading and web links".

"This book is a must for all teachers".

Reviewed in Dyslexia Contact - May 2005 by Dr Gavin Reid, Senior Lecturer, Educational Studies, University of Edinburgh.

"This is a quality publication. The abundance of practical suggestions with 42 pages of photocopiable sheets will ensure this book is eagerly snapped up by teachers. Additionally the quality and presentation of the content and the expertise of the authors make this a one-off, and a welcome resource to this neglected and perhaps misunderstood area".

Chapters include:
  • Dyscalculia - An overview

  • Removing Barriers to Learning

  • Dyscalculia

  • Assessment

  • Practical Strategies

  • Photocopiable Resources

  • Training Resources

  • Further Reading and Web Links